Moving Company Selection Tips

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Choosing a moving company can be quite daunting. In the local area alone, it is likely that there will be dozens upon dozens of them to choose from. Truth be told, the vast majority of them aren’t going to be that brilliant. In fact, many of them are going to be downright terrible. You don’t want to work with these companies. The last thing you want to happen is to deal with excessive ‘extra moving charges’ on the day of your move, broken items, or just a company which generally isn’t that great to work with. Thankfully, choosing the right company isn’t difficult at all. Just bear in mind the following moving company selection tips.

Best Moving Company Selection Tips

Know the type of moving company you are looking for

Your first thought should be focused on the type of company that you wish to hire. This is, mainly, going to boil down to the distance of your move as well as the amount of items you will be looking to send. So, if you are moving within the local area, you will need a different moving company to a person who is planning to move out of state. This is something which you should encounter throughout the research process, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a company that is the perfect match for you.

Research companies

Whilst it can be tempting to select the first company that you stumble across, you really should not. You are going to need to put in some research beforehand. This is where the bulk of your time is going to be spent. If you put in the research, then everything else about the process is going to be a whole lot easier.

At the very minimum, it is recommended that you ask your friends and family if they can provide details of their experience with various moving companies out there. Their opinion is going to be worth a whole lot more than random reviews posted online. Of course, you will want to do a bit more research beyond the recommendations that your friends and family provide you, but it is going to be a good start!

If your friends and family can’t provide you with any recommendations, then you will need to head online and look for moving companies in your local area. Just by looking at their websites, you should be able to get a decent idea as to the type of experience they will provide. A well-constructed website says a lot about how much a person is willing to invest in their business. You should also find details of the type of service that the company is able to provide (how far they can move your items etc.) and if they charge any extra for certain services.

At this point, you will almost certainly want to check out the various review websites out there. In fact, this is one of the best-moving company selection tips we can offer. Checking out review websites will give you details of the experience that people have had with a selected moving company. Make sure you read both the positive and the negative reviews to get a well-rounded idea as to how the company operates.

Get multiple quotes

During the research stage, you will probably identify a few companies that you will want to work with. Try to get as many quotes as possible. Remember, if you need the furniture put together or additional services like this, ask the company if they can quote for that too. Your goal is to ensure that there will be no ‘hidden charges’ sprung upon you on the day of your move.

Most moving companies will send an estimator around to your home before they provide you with a quote. It is important that you show them everything that you are moving. Any extra items ‘on the day’ may incur some extra charges. Of course, before you sign on the dotted line to agree to that estimate, you will want to check the page to ensure that the estimate covers everything.

Remember, you should not always go for the cheapest quote. You should weigh up the merits of each company to see whether they are asking a fair rate. Generally speaking, a company which undercharges is a company which is going to spring charges on you. Cheap companies may also not be able to complete the job to the highest possible standard.


Generally speaking, most removal companies are not going to have a lot in the way of insurance as ‘standard’. They may have basic insurance which protects your goods on the road, but very little of it. Why? Well, because your homeowner’s insurance policy is designed to protect your items. When you are searching for a removal company, you really should ask them if their price includes insurance. Obviously, it is ideal if it does. This is going to provide you with the most amount of protection. If you choose a decent removal company, the chances of your products being damaged are minimal, however, it is always better to be safe than sorry!

Check the company has legal authority to operate as a moving company

Before you hire a company, make sure you search for them at This is the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The moving company should be able to provide you with a USDOT number. If they can’t, then you can’t search for them by name. You, obviously, want to make sure that the company is legally able to operate. You will be surprised at how many companies out there are not able to do so!

Couple of final notes

Whilst it is not the most important of moving company selection tips, you should talk to the moving company at length. This will give you an idea as to the personality of the movers that will be getting your goods from point A to point B. In an ideal world, your personality should mesh with theirs. This is going to make the process a whole lot smoother.

Remember, choosing a moving company is going to be a lengthy process. However, as long as you bear these moving company selection tips in mind, you will be surprised at just how smooth everything is. These tips may even help you save money in the long run!