Tips & Techniques

Shot Selection

Your Postion

Opponent’s Position

Front Court

Center Court

Back Court

Front Court Pass. Do not kill. Cross-court pass, down-the-line pass, ceiling shot. Do not kill. Down-the-line pass, cross-court pass, ceiling shot. Do not kill.
Center Court Drop kill, pinch kill, Z-shot, around-the-wall, down-the-line pass. Pinch kill, down-the-line pass, Z-shot, around-the-wall. Down-the-line pass, cross-court pass, ceiling shot.
Back Court Pinch kill, drop kill, straight wall kill, inside corner kill. Pinch kill, straight kill, corner kill, ceiling shot. Do not pass. Ceiling shot, pinch kill, inside corner kill, straight wall kill occasionally. Do not pass.


Proper Court Positioning

In racquetball, proper court positioning is essential. Here’s some quick basics to remember:

  • The key to winning is play a deep floating zone – the furthest forward you should be is the five-foot line.
  • Stand in center court to give yourself the best chance to get the most of the balls. On any given shot, your’e just a few quick steps away.
  • Don’t move up to the “dead man’s zone” (in front of the five-foot line)-you’ll find that passing shots as well as ceiling balls will shoot by yoo.
  • Focus on the left-up balls, rather than trying to retreive the unretreivable.

By Mike Yellen, Five-time National Champion


Pinch Shot

Pinch shots get the ball down and out of play fast, and present an important offensive weapon. They force your opponent to play the entire court, and are unreturnable when properly hit. To execute a pinch shot, contact the ball below our knee, step toward the front corner and send your kill shot into the side wall first, about 1′-2′ from the front wall. From there, the ball will rebound around the corner quickly, and roll out off the front wall for an unretreivable winner.

  • You’ll want to use a pinch shot when your opponent is expecting a pass shot, and is standing behind you or fading back in the court.
  • If your opponent is in front of you but watching the front wall flat-footed, catch him off-guard with a pinch shot.
  • Any time your opponent moves over to your side of the court covering the down-the-line pass or straight-in kill, pinch the ball into the near corner.

By Lynn Adams, Seven-time Professional Champion